Autumn Highlights

Autumn Highlights – Deep Creek

It’s almost mid November and most of our northern friends have seen the change of seasons. We are just seeing some changes around here, mostly maples and some other hardwoods that tend to dump their leaves at the first sign of cold weather. There are plenty of leaves on the trees but there has been a lot of leaf loss as can be felt by the amount of light now available to shoot. Deep Creek is always a good place to go because you are guaranteed to have a nice long paddle without a lot of deadwood or obstacles. There are actually two parts to the creek, upstream (east) and downstream towards the St. Johns (west). I always like to head upstream to see how far I can go. We paddled for at least 2 miles before things started to get messy and finally a big log turned us around. We covered a part of the western route too but the sun came out in full force and put a damper on the shooting party.

Liquid Gold

Fallen Leaves – Deep Creek

With the additional light I noticed the reflections more and tried to work these into the compositions. The sun is also much lower on the horizon which helps a lot. The visual experience is still all very new to me especially with the changes in the color palette. I’m continuing to shoot with a wide angle zoom (24-70), with most images made between a 45-55 mm focal length. I’m particularly enjoying the absence of bugs and 100% humidity, which makes for a very pleasant paddle.

Sky Pool

Sky Reflection – Deep Creek

Yellow and Green

Yellow and Greens at the turnaround – Deep Creek