Six Mile Creek from Palmo Cove

Entrance to Six Mile Creek from Palmo Cove

It seemed like we paddled for six miles before reaching the SR-13 overpass and what I consider the start of the creek. A decision to put in at the Palmo Cove boat ramp was probably not that wise, since it is 1.7 miles to the Crab Shack, through mainly open water. A decision not to use the Crab Shack access will be reconsidered next time. The only place to launch a boat there is not really designed for canoes or kayaks.

Reflected Union

Reflected Union – Six Mile Creek


Tunnel Reflection – Six Mile Creek

By the time we passed the bridge the sun was up and bright with not a cloud in the sky. I would guess we made it another 2 miles before we were turned around by a log. The creek itself was shady once the width narrowed and the trees arched over. I can see some beautiful photographs in different lighting conditions. When the light is poor we call refer to the trip as “reconnaissance.” Some people say there is no poor light, but for what I am looking for I need cloudy days.

Light Dance

Light Dance – Six Mile Creek

Even with the high contrast and highlights I was happy with the images. Sometimes you have to deal with what is there, and this was a wondrous place. I think we saw 2 docks. We’ll be back.