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Hints of Spring on McCullough Creek

Posted on January 4, 2015

The Entry

Entry to McCullough Creek

Originally I had planned to paddle Tocoi Creek this morning but when I arrived I realized that the tide was out and the water levels were probably 16-18 inches below the high tide mark on the trees. Tocoi is a narrow creek, so water depth is important to navigate the fallen branches and water hyacinth. So I decided to go a few miles south to McCullough Creek to see what I could find there. Based on my previous experience, a fallen tree had prevented much progress upstream and unfortunately I found that same tree. The trip was short and uneventful. The first 100 yards of the creek are the most picturesque with several large overhanging trees. There are two docks that I passed, one with built in sofas. It was really sad to see this on the creek. I should have read my notes from my previous trip but now I will remember if I come back, bring a saw. It was still an enjoyable morning.

New Growth

Spring growth – McCullough Creek


Tree branches – McCullough Creek

The evidence of spring was everywhere and most of the trees were showing some sort of new growth. Still a long way to go to get to the greens of summer. Here is a comparison of an image from June to one from today…big difference.


June 2014 – January 2015 Comparison

McCullough Creek

Posted on June 21, 2014

McCullough Creek_2014-0621-023

Early Summer – McCullough Creek

I’ve had my eye on McCullough Creek for a long time. In February of 2012 I drove down SR-13 and stopped at every bridge crossing a creek to photograph. I knew something special was contained within each waterway and felt so limited in my ability to go deeper and explore. Today I’m solo and transported my boat on top of my car. A little more effort than using the trailer but it all worked out. The McCullough put in is not very big, just a way to drive in and some room to park on the side. Someone arrived as I was unloading who had his fishing boat and a cooler of beer ready to go. We had a nice chat.

McCullough Creek in the Spring

McCullough Creek from SR-13 in the Spring of 2012

The creek is narrow and the sun rose quickly. I passed one dock and then a mass of Moonflowers. These are a type of Morning Glory and I think they are invasive but I couldn’t confirm that. This one was in the shade and hadn’t closed up. There is the occasional flower on the creeks that adds the spot of color to an otherwise totally green landscape.

Moonflower - McCullough Creek

Moonflower – McCullough Creek

Overhanging Trees - McCullough Creek

Overhanging Trees – McCullough Creek

After about 45 minutes some very thick deadwood blocked the path. Wow, that was quick. I brought my hand saw, but it looked like too much to try to hack through. By now the sun was getting over the trees and the light began to change. I decided to head back slowly, and then to go under the bridge to the St. Johns River. After passing under the overpass I spotted my fishing buddy and he was having a good day. The river was very close and I ventured out, soon turning back due to the waves and current. It was a beautiful morning but not the type of light for my photography.

Back to the car I loaded up and proceeded to Deep Creek to check out the launch point. That adventure would be tomorrow.