Autumn Reflections on Durbin Creek

Reflections of Autumn on Durbin Creek

Signs of Autumn from the kayakToday almost didn’t happen but I desperately needed to break my long hiatus and get out on the water. Cold, wind, and sun were in the forecast. The temperature today was 48 at the launch site with 30 knot winds. I know the tops of the trees were going crazy but the creek stayed relatively calm. Gray kindly let me sit in the boat while he pushed me in since I did not have my waterproof boots yet. I was dressed in several layers with my North Face ski jacket on the outside. Florida boys get chilled easily! As we started the paddle my first impression was the slight yellowing of the leaves. The deep, dark greens of summer were gone, and so were the mosquitoes and flies. More light entered the forest and I immediately rejoiced at being able to set my ISO lower. The creek was also running high, as in prior weeks a healthy amount of rain had fallen. We saw some small side streams that we didn’t recognize.

For the first mile, you could hear the big machines clearing the trees for a new subdivision. I could even smell the diesel fumes. The development (called Julington Estates or something like that) is part of the huge complex that has taken over Race Track Road. There is no stopping them, and the housing recession only temporarily halted their goal of leveling every forest in St Johns County. If I see a dock emerge on Durbin Creek from that development I will be seriously upset. They are getting very close to the boundaries of the wetlands.

Durbin Creek is well maintained, and we knew that the big hyacinth clog under the power lines (at about 2 miles) was cleared. We don’t know if someone came in and sprayed or if they physically removed the vegetation, but it was so nice to be able to paddle through. We went another half mile before turning back. I was very happy with the images from the trip. I’m also trying a few B&W conversions. Normally I would not have gone out on a cloudless bright sunny day, especially one that was both windy and cold. But this goes to show that you need to just show up to make things happen.

Egret on Durbin Creek

Egret on Durbin Creek


Autumn Morning on Durbin Creek


Creek to Sky – Durbin Creek