Streaming South exhibit postcard

I’m super excited to be sharing Streaming South with the public (finally) and seeing the prints mounted and displayed together. The exhibit is in the gallery of the Wilson Center for the Arts at the south campus of Florida State College of Jacksonville. The space is beautiful and allows for a fairly large display of prints and some behind-the-scenes material. We install next week (yikes) and the exhibit opens to the public on August 17. An opening reception is planned on Thursday, August 27, 5-7:30 pm and I’ll be giving a short talk and will be there to answer questions. Everything comes down on September 16, so please make plans to see the work as the viewing time is short.

Streaming South is now part of my life so the project continues. The direction may vary based on the responses from all of you. There are a few creeks that I haven’t gotten to yet, and many that need additional visits. Summer is such an oppressive time to be outdoors and once the weather cools down just a bit it will be easier to get out. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, getting your feedback, and taking this show on the road. See you soon!