Low Water - Julington Creek

Low Water – Julington Creek

A month has passed since my last outing and I fear that the best of the spring foliage is past. Sometimes life gets in the way and we struggle to find the time to have our special times. Watching the weather and tides and trying to coordinate something in early morning is frustrating. When time becomes available one must go, even if the stars are not aligned perfectly. Part of the serendipity of life is seeing what chance has to offer.

I launched at the Palmetto Leaves Regional Park ramp on Old St. Augustine Road. I like this put in because it is close to the house and very quiet, especially at sunrise. I do have to put the wheels on the boat to get it to the dock, but it’s a dry launch and you can jump in your kayak and go. The tide was very low and there seemed to be more branches and logs than I could remember. I didn’t make it very far up Julington as there are some big downed trees that must be passed when the water is higher. Everything was green now and I lamented my delay at getting out here, but having all the green back gives you a sense that everything is back to normal.

Life on a Limb - Julington Creek

Life on a Limb – Julington Creek

I paddled back under the road and towards the more developed part of the creek. The docks and houses were still there, in addition to the sounds of mowers and leaf blowers. In Florida we are virtually slaves to our lawns, which serve no practical purpose other than be a constant source of maintenance. I don’t know about the history of lawns in Western culture but it is something that must go. It’s like having the living or dining room in your house that you never use. Lawns are constantly under attack by bugs and worms, moles, and fungi. Because a carpet of pure green is the standard, we must irrigate, mow, trim, mulch, fill, and fertilize this fragile ground cover. Fruit trees give fruit, other trees offer shade, shrubs offer flowers and privacy, but lawns offer nothing. You probably don’t even have bragging rights because there is always some blemish or dead spot spoiling the perfect look. We water these vast expanses of useless green with drinking water! This love affair with lawns is especially ludicrous with a creekfront lot. I really don’t enjoy seeing someone’s pristine lawn from my boat.¬†That’s why I’d rather explore the uninhabited portions of our creeks. I get too agitated seeing how we manage to do stupid things.

Two Turtles - Julington Creek

Two Turtles – Julington Creek

On my way out I saw two red ear slider turtles on a log having a great day.