Connection - Durbin Creek

Connection – Durbin Creek

Before I make a commitment to venture out for a personal photo session there is always hesitation. There is a resistance that questions your motives, and reminds you of leaving the comforts of not doing anything. There is a fear of returning empty handed, of having poor conditions, and of the sheer labor of moving the boat on and off the car, the potential problems of parking, and the chance of the boating mishap. What a big bunch of obstacles to overcome just to get out the door. I’ve never been disappointed when I approach a session without expectation. My operative word is “reconnaissance.” When one is on recon, we are just checking things out and making mental notes for the “real”trip that will come when all the stars are in alignment. Sure, some recon trips are more successful than others, but I’ve never regretted getting out the door and wished I had spent the morning at my computer checking Facebook.

Durbin Creek is another jewel in our local creek system. In addition to being only 30 minutes from my house, the creek is long and heavily canopied, relatively clear of branches, and there is a great launch point at the Bartram Canoe Trail off Racetrack Road. Yesterday I was completely alone and did not see another paddler all morning.

Opening - Durbin Creek

Opening – Durbin Creek

This is my fourth time on Durbin and each time I revisit a creek I feel more comfortable and relaxed. Yes, I miss the rush of excitement to be in a place for the first time, but often it is so overwhelming that your experience is less personal. I enjoying noting the changes in the landscape and quality of light as the seasons progress. So in a way it is like being here for the first time. Nothing is ever the same.

Today was cool and windy, low tide, and I knew the sun would be beating down on me soon. All of this does affect my disposition, although most of the stress of having “ideal”conditions dissipates after the creek takes you in. Today my mind was busy chattering, and I had to take some time to let things quiet down. I don’t know why I was being bothered so much by personalities and events that have nothing to do with me. I was thankful that I was in a place where peace and stillness surrounded me.

Spring Day - Durbin Creek

Spring Day – Durbin Creek

I didn’t make it very far today, probably around 2 miles. I did not even reach the power lines. Sometimes it’s not about how far you go, but rather about how complete your experience was. I began to notice that the clouds were dissipating and the sun was having a strong presence. Time to turn around.

I normally bring a cup of coffee and a granola bar for a snack and this becomes an enjoyable part of my ritual. Changing one’s pace and stopping to receive physical and spiritual nourishment is very special. Usually I begin to notice details about the water or the trees or the way the sun is casting shadows. Riding the current and drifting is true relaxation. Now that Spring is in full swing I’m still hopeful that I’ll get a foggy morning one day soon.

Home Bound - Durbin Creek

Home Bound – Durbin Creek