Waiting for Development - Julington Creek

Waiting for Development – Julington Creek

I returned to the Old St. Augustine Rd. access point with Gray and we decided to paddle downstream on Julington Creek towards Clark’s Fish Camp. My hopes were not high on having a “pristine” creek experience which turned out to be the case. As soon as we passed the bridge, the docks and trailer homes, and estate mansions with manicured lawns opened up. You could hear lawn mowers and blowers, music playing, and everything else that goes along with civilization. From the Google Map it appeared that these points would be infrequent, but as it turns out most of the creek is developed. I guess as a people we have the need to mark our territory. My problem is what people do to their property (or don’t do). The first inclination is to “drain the swamp,” bring in enough fill to build a nice bulkhead to eliminate any of the marsh or vegetation that could breed mosquitoes or snakes. Then we need an unobstructed view of the creek, so clear the lot of trees and shrubs and plant grass. Not just a small area for a view but the whole property. This destroys any view anyone would have of the creek landscape. When this formula is repeated again and again it becomes total destruction of any “waterfront” feeling one could get from living on a Florida creek.

I may return to document my feelings on this observation, but for now I had enough of the creek so we headed back. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice paddle and the creek is still beautiful, but you have to look through the humanity which was too painful today.