Launch Point View - Durbin Creek

Launch Point View – Durbin Creek

I love Durbin Creek. In addition to being close to my home, the creek represents my idea of an “ideal” Florida creek – twisty and overgrown with vegetation, a wild place where you could surprise a gator sunning on a log or a big blue heron fishing for dinner. The creek is long but unfortunately water hyacinths have clogged passage¬†at several locations. You can only go less than a mile from the launch on Race Track Road. We can thank the good folks of the Clean Waterway Society for their efforts in establishing and maintaining the small park and keeping the creek clear. The water hyacinths have proved too much of a challenge to clear and we will have to wait for an industrial solution.

The light levels were very low at the beginning of the paddle. The creek was calm but the yellow flies very active. I hate those things! The water level was very low so we didn’t make it very far. There are several large fallen trees that must be crossed when the levels are high, so we did not even make it to the water hyacinth clog.

Durbin Reflection

Durbin Reflection – Durbin Creek

As the sun rose the forest began to glow.

Cypress on Durbin Creek - Durbin Creek

Cypress on Durbin Creek – Durbin Creek

There is a lot of residential development going one in the area. Everyday acres of land are being cleared for new tract houses. The creeks are being continually threatened by encroaching development. I don’t expect this to stop until every last inch of desirable property is consumed.