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After the Rain – Deep Creek East

My first visit to Deep Creek. A full hours drive from the house. Nice launch area with plenty of parking on the side of SR-207 near Hastings. I paddled upstream and hoped for the best. Immediately I was immersed in a special world. Last night’s rain left the trees with plenty of moisture and there was a mist still lingering on top of the water. Not a soul in sight. I asked myself what is a “perfect” creek excursion? I think this was close.

Altar of Light - Deep Creek East

Altar of Light – Deep Creek East

As the sun rose I could see some shafts of light coming through the moist air. A particularly strong shaft of light caught my eye and I turned around to make another approach to make a photograph. That’s when I noticed the light’s reflection meeting at the surface of the water. This was new for me. After a few exposures (well more than a few) I resigned myself to having witnessed a special moment of discovery. Being on the creek brings the element of reflection to the composition. I knew this, but am continually surprised on how reflections appear. Sometimes the water is still, sometimes there’s a light ripple, and sometimes a fish jumps and leaves concentric circles. All of these surface conditions change the quality of the reflection.

Forest Renewal - Deep Creek East

Forest Renewal – Deep Creek East

I was disappointed to be turned around after about an hour. The tide was not high, so progress is dictated by the deadwood. The tree looked relatively fresh and perhaps I’ll return with my hand saw to try to make it further in. As the sun rises, the mist burns off, and the creek transforms into yet another view.

Turnaround Tree - Deep Creek East

Turnaround Tree – Deep Creek East